Leo Cabeleira

Once you pass your practical test then probationary period comes!

Get six points within two years of passing your test and you’ll be banned from driving!!! This two years span is called probationary period, and it applies to anyone gaining a new license, regardless  of age or experience. Beside that getting points on your license will make your insurance to go up! So remember what I always tell you after passing your practical test and drive the way I have tought you or it will cost you expensive!


1. If you run a red traffic light, you will get three points and a fine of £100.

2. No insurance, a fine up to £5000, 6-8 points, you could be banned indefinitely and you might have to sit a retest.

3. Speeding, at least three points plus a £100 fine. Contest it when you are in the wrong and you will get up to six points and a £1000 fine.

4. Using a mobile hand-held, three points plus a £100 fine. Crash while texting or making a call and you’ll almost certainly be jailed if you kill someone.

5. Drink or drug driving, a 12 month minimum ban, jail for up to six months and up to £5000 fine, after all that you might get insurance but with a very expensive rate.

6. Fail to stop at a Zebra crossing, three points plus a fine up to £1000.

7. Defective tyres, if they are flat, bald or damaged, you can get a £2500 fine and three points for each faulty tyre.

8. Not in proper control, includes eating, drinking, smoking or being otherwise distracted, three points plus £100 fine.

9. Failing to stop after accident, cause personal injury and you must give your details, then report the incident at a police station. Fail to do so and you could be banned from driving. Either way you will get 5-10 points plus a fine up to £5000.

10. No MOT, you could be fined up to £1000. However, no MOT can mean you also have no Insurance, so will be even worse.

11. Dangerous overtaking, you could be done for driving without due care and attention, which means a fine of up to £2500 and 3-9 points.

12. No driving license, you will get 3-6 points, fined up to £1000 and if driving while disqualified you can be put in jail for six months, finned £5000 and banned indefinitely.