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   The music you listen to can affect how you drive!!! After 20 years of experience on the roads, I have came to a conclusion that listening to music while driving can affect your emotions, be clever and control it!     Classical music could make you fall asleep or drive erratically, Hip-Hop makes you agressive…

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Roads can be dangerous places, but knowing why crashes happen puts you in control. Drive responsibly and YOU can make a difference… The most common reason for crashing your car is being distracted, and is it any wonder when there are so many things to divert your attention? Even the most accomplished multi-tasker can focus…

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How to be a safer driver

1. READ THE ROAD: the further ahead you look, the more time you have to recognise and respond to hazards. Make sure you can stop your car in the distance that you can see will remain clear.  2. ANTICIPATE: having looked further ahead, use that knowledge to anticipate the problems that might come up…

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Once you pass your practical test then probationary period comes!

Get six points within two years of passing your test and you’ll be banned from driving!!! This two years span is called probationary period, and it applies to anyone gaining a new license, regardless  of age or experience. Beside that getting points on your license will make your insurance to go up! So remember what…

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Why? Motorists want answers over oil spill which left Wessex Way closed for SIX hours

FUMING motorists are demanding to know why a vital route linking Bournemouth to Poole remained closed for an astonishing SIX hours after a minor smash. They’ve accused officials of bungling the operation to clear an oil spillage from a relatively minor traffic collision involving two cars, which caused lengthy delays for thousands across the conurbation.…

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